So Nice of You To Stop By, Whoever the Hell You Are

So, I am doing medical things. Medical things are complicated and rarely pretty. Aging is not for the weak. So, these medical things are affecting my short term memory.  I will awkwardly navigate my world without it, and then it will come back. And I know what the question is on everyone's mind:

How can we f*ck with me, while it is gone?

I have some ideas. The main one is around blog posting. I imagine I will forget about my blog, or what blogs even are, or maybe, if we are lucky, I will just post the same thing every day for two months or so. Repeat as needed. It's like Memento, but without having to keep a tattoo artist on retainer.

But what to write about? I have some ideas about that:

*How chihuahuas always f*ck up

*How self-sacrifice sucks and new clothes rule

*Why bad t.v. is so fantastically good

*Today on BART someone annoyed me

*How cats always f*ck up

Read, discuss, vote.