At My Age

So, I've always thought it a bit silly to sit around and worry about aging. Not because I am so enlightened and mature that it doesn't affect me. But, because I'm rational enough to know that there are plenty of things within my control to sit around and worry about. So, I keep ticking off the years and putting money aside in my 'future plastic surgery' account. And sit around and worry about things I could do something about if my couch wasn't so damned comfortable. 

My point is, every once in awhile, I still get floored by the amount of time that has passed. You know, how much time has passed since high school, since college, since I only had one pet instead of a zoo. 

The other day I got a call out of the blue offering me a free Green Day ticket. Of course I said yes. But at the show, that whole 'time passing' issue came up.  


Me: "Remember when we saw them at Gillman St.?
Friend: "Fuck.  How old are we?"
Me: "Well, we met in high school and we graduated 20 years ago."
Friend: "Fuck."
Me: "Yeah."


Leave the House

I know, t.v. is f-ing awesome. If I could get away with doing nothing but watching People's Court all day, I would. Actually, when I say I'm 'working from home' that's code for watching People's Court, putting scotch in my coffee and yelling at the pets while sitting on the couch in my bathrobe. You always suspected; now you know.

Still, fresh air won't kill you. Here is what you need to do. Mark the date April 22, 2009 on your calendar, and go to Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco. A friend of mine from college and beyond, is having a book signing. Here. The book is amazing. More than a book-- an art collage, a memoir, a true story of childhood chaos. Cori is beyond talented. Creative in all the ways you wish you were. Check out the book; check out the reading. Get out of the house already.